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Garden Rescue (Full) v1.0.20 APK

Garden Rescue

A serious menace has approached the peaceful garden and you must help defend it in Garden Rescue! Garden Rescue (Full) play.google.com.gardenrescuegooglefull Description : As masses of voracious insects rush to fill their maws, the garden-inhabiting plants lay aside their everyday jobs to save their tiny motherland. Command the defenses, lead the green defenders into action and […]

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Flightradar24 Pro v3.7.1 APK

Flighttradar24 Pro

Flightradar24 Pro’ shows airplane traffic around the world in real time ! Flightradar24 Pro play.google.com.flightradar24pro Description : Flightradar24 is a flight tracker, that makes it possible to view airplane traffic, in real time, on a Google Map in your Android phone/tablet. Flightradar24 has the best coverage of all flight trackers in Europe and together with many […]

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Spunk and Moxie v1.04 APK

Spunk and Moxie

In a secret lab, an evil scientist worked for years to create a formula that would give him extreme athletic powers – it didn’t work out! Spunk and Moxie play.google.com.chocoho.spunk Description : So the formula sat alone in an empty warehouse, slowly mutating until it came to life and became Spunk and Moxie! Help Spunk and […]

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Jelly Bean Extreme CM10 AOKP v3.1 APK

Jelly Bean Extreme CM10

Jelly Bean Extreme CM10 AOKP!

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Spririted Soul

Full 3D Non-Target RPG Defense!! SPIRITED SOUL play.google.com.ssdefense Description : Unprecedented venture from Snailteeth, about to write a new chapter for Defense, Spirited Soul !! Innovative mobile action Defense game! A Charming full 3D Graphic! Perfect control that everyone can easily enjoy just with a single touch! RPG? Defense? Now, these are combined to ‘Spirited Soul’ […]

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EveryCircuit v1.18 APK


Design and simulate electronic circuits! EveryCircuit play.google.com.everycircuit Description : All joking aside, this time you will understand how electronic circuits work. Build any circuit, tap play button, and watch dynamic voltage, current, and charge animations. This gives you insight into circuit operation like no equation does. While simulation is running, adjust circuit parameters with analog knob, […]

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Cell Planet HD Edition v1.00 APK

Cell Planet HD Edition

Both classic and unique elements of the Tower Defense genre are combined in Cell Planet! Cell Planet HD Edition play.google.com.cellplanethd Description : While your enemies are attacking your organism, you can not only shoot them with blazing projectiles from your main tower, but also build leukocytes on platforms to obstruct them, and use various skills to […]

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Headset Button Controller v6.9 APK

Headset Button Controller

Headset Button Controller is a small application that turns the button on a wired headset into a remote control for your music player – and much more ! Headset Button Controller play.google.com.headsetbutton Description : Headset Button Controller is very configurable, allowing you to play music, change tracks, adjust volume, answer phone calls, start Voice Command and […]

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SketchBook Mobile v2.0.3 APK

SketchBook Mobile

Unleash your creativity with SketchBook Mobile for Android! SketchBook Mobile play.google.com.sketchbook Description : Unleash your creativity with SketchBook Mobile for Android! Autodesk SketchBook® Mobile is a professional-grade paint and drawing application offering a full set of sketching tools and a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Requires a multi-touch device running Android 2.1 or above. Recommended devices […]

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Mouse Storm v1.0 APK

Mouse Storm

A good master in the kitchen is always clean and tidy, all the products in place! Mouse Storm play.google.com.playphone Description : But what to do if you have an unexpected guest – mice! And not just any mice – it’s a trained team of professional thieves, which aim to destroy all your cheese supplies. Do not […]

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